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How to become an accountant UK (without related degree)

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28 thoughts on “How to become an accountant UK (without related degree)

  1. Are you looking to get a job in accounting without any work experience or related degree? It may not be as difficult as you think. I hope you find the tips in this video valuable. And feel free to use the CV template in the description for your next job search x

    1. Hi Poppy!
      Hope you are well. I’m currently working as a Payroll Manager in India. I am looking into job opportunities in London currently. Being a Payroll Manager I do have decent Excel skills, numeracy skills and analytical skills. Do you think any such position will be available for internationals in London?

  2. Hi dr.this is the first vd i watched in ur channel.your ideas gave me a a sri Lankan .currently im following CIMA managemnt level.i dont hve any questions except CIMA and no working experience.could you pls tell me what are the other qualifications i need to improve before apply for a job in 27 yrs old are there any age limit?

  3. I leave in Scotland with 2.1 degree & a masters degree in Accounting & Finance with CIMA.
    I graduated 🎓 in 2018 but no one is interested in hiring me due to lack of experience.
    Any advice please?

  4. Awesome video, thanks a lot. What are the chances of getting an entry-level job as a 40 year old male foreigner with no prior knowledge? I’m planning to enroll in the AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting and get an Excel certification. Are there any males in this field 🙂

  5. Hi poppy 😊 thank you for the video. I’m from Thailand and looking for applying accounting jobs in UK now (doing master atm).

  6. Thank you for your video. I am a CPA in the Philippines, should I study ACCA first before applying for UK?

  7. I’m currently doing ACCA degree can i still get a job ..which sites my darling. Your response will be highly appreciated

    1. There is a video I made 2 years ago on How to get a job in the UK which contains all the sites you can search for jobs – do check it out

  8. I agree 100%. I have degree in accounting and I was shocked when one of the accounting agencies in UK asked me to do AAT or ACCA in order to find a job in accounting field

  9. I love your video mam
    Ma’am I am working in dubai as an accountant with 3year experience
    Now I am looking for the job in uk
    So I need to study in uk or else i can do work there direct???

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